Kate Frucher and Alec Guettel, Cofounders


This all started with our parents. When their birthdays and anniversaries came around, buying a sweater or another picture frame never felt sufficient. We wanted to really thank them for all they give and do.

We ended up cobbling together our own versions of Imprints — composing and gathering toasts, cards, videos, pictures, and stories with our communities of friends and family — to tell our parents, “Here. THIS is how we feel about you.”

In the process, we realized how powerful Imprints are. When we spend time reflecting on the people we care about and sharing our gratitude for them, not only do we celebrate their very best, but we’re at our very best. It’s a rare gift, for both the recipients and the givers, that we wanted everyone to have.


We met after college, while working on public service projects, and have been friends ever since. In the decades (ouch!) between then and now, we’ve been building family (separately) and businesses (together, sometimes), and collaborating on projects that have real meaning for both of us.

Today, Imprint is a small team of designers and coders, raised in Minnesota, Chicago, Barcelona, and San Diego (among other places), working out of a poorly-temperature-controlled loft in Brooklyn, NY. Our plan is to help people do something nice for other people.